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Building a consumer or business research panel, through periodic surveys or phone surveys of actual consumer, potential consumer, or members of a new target audience is a good way to repeatedly tap a reliable source of primary marketing research information.

ASSIA customer research panels are an excellent tool, for example, as you build your marketing plan, marketing strategy, or overall business strategy by first scanning for strategic opportunities.

The ASSIA customer research panel approach is often considered as a valid alternative to the use of fresh, random or probability samples which are hardly impossible to execute without extreme costs.

What is an ASSIA customer research panel?

ASSIA customer research panels are composed by the analysis typology and the specific request of the company. The panelist members are composed by pre-recruited groups in an audience of interest willing to participate in marketing research events such as focus groups, surveys, or usability product tests. Panel members might be current customers, prospective customers, or members of an identified target as the marketing project request.

Our fieldwork process

In order to managing and monitoring all the information regarding the Panel, ASSIA periodically relates with panel members through the filling of entry forms and/or others tools of constant tare.

To maintain a good and motivated feedback, to members of ASSIA customer research panels may be given cash incentives or gifts for their participation. This is a booster for information collection. We carefully protect members' privacy, and anonymity.

ASSIA customer research panels require an efficient management, security screening, and member replacement, features that ASSIA professionals has acquired throughout over 10 years experience.

Our panels are recruited by a combination of online (face-to-face conversations, personal recruitment, buzzing, etc.) and offline methods (telephone, mail, banner advertising, print advertising, publicity). The recruiting is designed to make the panel as representative of its target population as possible.

ASSIA customer panel maintenance

Our panels, operating on a rota system. All non-suitable members are systematically removed from the panels. New panelists are constantly added to keep each panel "fresh." Recruiting goals are adjusted monthly to keep the customer research panels balanced and representative.

The expert-panelist will be selected in order to match the requests of each research. The more specified the panel is, the most experts panelists sampling and specialized judges will be required.
ASSIA can extend this methodology as well, for all types of product/services.

ASSIA Specialized Panels

In specific occasions, we may use specialized samples of such groups as executives, IT managers, doctors, people with particular characteristic and needs of any particular product, lawyers and other special groups.


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