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Marketing research

A professional research is behind the most important companies as well as the great brands.

The market dynamism makes the companies to pursue the constant enhance of their products and services, through studies and marketing research. The target of these services regards the understanding of customers, their behaviour, likes and preferences in order to achieve a clear and competitive advantage due to the best value offered. There is only one way to have success: the understanding of clients needs.

If your company has doubts regarding their products or services the key is to ask their users/clients how to solve them by switching those answers in concrete strategies.
It is important “how to ask”, and “how to interpret the answers”; only specialized marketing research agencies can be a valid partner along the way of the success.
A professional research is behind the most important companies as well as the great brands.

ASSIA can develop different kinds of studies in the main cities of Italy and Europe managing contemporarily different projects relying on the professionalism and competence of a team of colleagues who works in different fields of research, like Account quali & quanti department, the Field department, that cooperates with Senior and Junior interviewers, the Coding and Checking department and the Analysis department. Moreover we have structured during the years a net of external professionals, who are able to support the team in highly specialized areas.

The best research projects are given to birth from work ASSIA and company researchers, because each project is customized, because our job mission usually do not consider standard solutions.

ASSIA’s standard quality refers to all the stages of marketing research for the development of the different topics like:

  • Usage & attitudes/ base research
  • Concept test and product or services ideas development
  • Product & packaging
  • Naming
  • Advertising & promotion
  • Pricing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Branding
  • Positioning


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