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In-depth interviews & Focus groups

In-depth interviews

Interviews are fundamental in the marketing research. Our qualitative research helps to understand the meaning of people experiences, in order to unfold their motivations and meaning, the way in which they are linked with the product or service to provide subsequently a detailed and specified explanation. This requires a specialized fieldwork that needs professionalism and dedication.

The open-ended questions provide the evaluator are a useful tool to reveal the respondents' levels of emotion, source of raw data. People can openly express their point of view about the study topics, the way they have organized their world, their thoughts about what is going on, their experiences, and their basic perceptions.

ASSIA in–depth interviews, are suggested if you need to:

  • Individuate the single consumer reactions out of the influence of the community, free from the external influences
  • Treat specific or personal issues through the reconstruction of experiences in purchase or consume behaviours
  • Learn about the unconscious purchase decisions
  • Interview specific target groups like opinion leaders, experts, politicians, patients, etc.

Inside a research structure, the IDI's could find place in the followings areas:

  • Before of a quantitative research
  • During the definition of the questionnaire to select the most appropriate questions and categories
  • After the analysis of the results, by using more standardized measures, in order to gain interesting or unexpected findings

Focus groups

Focus groups are meetings of 6/8 participants recruited as per study requirements, lasting 2/3 hours , structured by a specialized ASSIA team.

Differently from the individual interviews or the most simple personal interviews with questionnaire support, FG’s methodology allows more spontaneous break of personal reluctances. An higher face-to-face exchange of opinions, the best understanding about the dynamics of troubles, expectations and inner points of view related to the study, are the main outcomes of the FG’s.

To examine carefully “uncomfortable”, difficult or specified topics, ASSIA suggests Mini Focus Groups with a narrow number of participants and a comfortable atmosphere. This method will help to collect the information in the most effective way.

Nevertheless, like other data collection methods, focus groups suit better to certain research applications. They could be useful when you need to:

  • explore multiple topics
  • examine carefully ideas, interactions or creative solutions
  • develop new products and services concepts
  • analyze the “unspoken “ language
  • get results quickly

ASSIA facilities are equipped with FG’s rooms with one-way mirror and audio and video recording system for each research requirements (simultaneous translation, closed circuit TV, etc.).

In case your agency should need to conduct In-depth interviews or Focus groups in Italy, ASSIA can support you as valid research partnership.


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