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Food trial panels

The relevance of the sensorial analysis acting as a Marketing research support …

The acceptance of an alimentary product is not only influenced by the sensory properties of the product itself. This means analysing all the characteristics that interact with the sense of smell, taste and sight.
This interaction is not to be considered separately, but within a complex integral process, whose efforts will lead to a better marketing strategy.

We have specific and customized panel for food trial test. They derive from the integration of the Qualitative Analysis about perceptions and likes of consumers and Sensory Analysis carried out from expert judges in the food area in order to be familiar about the product profile.

This tool contributes to:

  • Rate and measure the specific properties of the products
  • Identify the marketing segmentation characteristics
  • Compare the intrinsic quality of the products and the perception of the consumer
  • Point out new development areas of the product
  • Estimate possible improvements of the products


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