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Product test & Customer satisfaction

Product test

The drawing up and management of the product test are the strength of ASSIA. Those are used by companies to guarantee the product vitality in each phase of their life.

In the launching phase: it allows the proof and the products evaluation before launching by the assessment of different aspects of the marketing in order to design a product of success.
In the maintenance phase: verify stronger and weaker points by the comparison with the competitors to support and maintain a good level of profitability.
In the declining phase: it could find out new revitalization chances of the product.

To compare qualities and characteristics between two products, ASSIA suggest the pair comparison test, useful if your company needs to determine the basic attributes to pick out the best one.

These are only some of the typologies of the product research, we could design the most appropriate research project basis on specific requirements.

Customer satisfaction: increase satisfaction, loyalty and productivity

The purpose of measuring customer satisfaction is a complex activity. It means verifying where a company stands under its customers eyes, thereby enabling service and product improvements reaching higher satisfaction levels.

A targeted research will become the basic ingredient of customer satisfaction strategy of your company and the first step towards the global quality route.

Briefly, ASSIA can contribute to an adequate growth of your business.


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